Health Coaching

Health Coaching

A Health Coach is a mentor who works with clients to achieve their personal health goals. Achieving optimal health and well-being requires a functional and holistic approach that focuses not only on diet and exercise, but also on mindset, healthy movement, proper nutrition, hydration, stress management, adequate rest and restoration and other physical, emotional, social and environmental factors.   It is important to look at the whole person and aim for health in each of these areas to achieve lastly and sustainable change.  Coaching emphasizes intentional behavior change which leads to improved long-term health and wellness. 

Create an Action Plan

Laini will work with you and your individual goals, your lifestyle, your strengths, your challenges and will help you create an action plan to make your health a priority. No matter where you are currently in your health journey, coaching will move you forward on the path to improved vitality. You CAN take your life, health and happiness back into your own hands.

Education, Encouragement, Empowerment

Laini guides you through the process by educating, encouraging and empowering you to make gradual changes that have a lasting impact on your health and well-being. This is not a quick fix solution. This is a way of life. There are no time limits or constraints. This is your journey and Laini will accompany you at your own pace.

New Habits and Behaviors

Adopting new habits and behaviors that lead to lasting change takes time, so coaching is offered in packages designed to meet your individual needs and commitment level. Weekly sessions are encouraged to keep you on track as you navigate through your health journey. Typically, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required to keep individuals motivated in order to begin to see the positive changes they desire.


Whether you need a complete overhaul of your current lifestyle or just some intentional fine-tuning, Laini will help get you back on track to achieving the life and health you want and deserve.

→ Coaching is available by phone or video. ←

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