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28 Day Cycle Syncing Guide

Learning to embrace the ebbs & flows of hormones in our 28 day cycle is key to feeling more in sync with our natural rhythms. In doing so, we can feel more connected to our body, harness our strengths, lose weight/inflammation, help the body heal and live a happier, healthier life. We can nourish our body and adapt our lifestyle throughout our cycle or the lunar moon cycle. We can literally sync our exercise, nutrition and overall lifestyle to fall in line with the fluctuations of hormones.

The Empowered Cycle 28 Day Cycle Syncing Guide outlines the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle (Lunar cycle for those with no cycle, irregular cycles or in menopause) and gives you nutrition, movement, lifestyle and mindset recommendations to support you throughout the month.

Each phase / week includes:

  • Intention / Affirmation
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Foods to Include
  • Seed Cycling
  • Elixir Recipe
  • Smoothie Recipe
  • Workout Plan

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle & Your Period

If you are like many women (myself included), you never really got an in-depth education or understanding of the menstrual cycle. You may not have learned that the various ebbs and flows of the hormones in the menstrual cycle have a direct impact on your mood, energy, nutrition, exercise, relationships and more…..

It’s true!!! Hormone levels shift throughout the month and it’s completely normal to feel differently when they do. It’s also possible to learn how to take advantage of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone when they are at their highest levels.

This e-book provides your with the education you may have never received about your 5th Vital Sign. Yes, your menstrual cycle is a vital sign and provides a lot of information regarding your overall health. Learn the different phases of your cycle, the hormones involved and understand what all of this means. Becoming empowered starts when you first learn, then understand and finally take control of your hormone health.