Track Workout

Jun 25, 2016 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

If you have access to a track in your community, get out and try this workout.

After you warm up by either walking or jogging, sprint as outlined with recovery after each sprint.

Warm up – Jog 2 slow laps

Sprint 100 meters

Sprint 200 meters

Sprint 400 meters

Sprint 200 meters

Sprint 100 meters

Cool Down – Jog 2 slow laps

After your cool down, head to the bleachers for the following for 3 rounds:

1) 3 laps up and down the stairs.

2) 10-15 lunges each leg.

3) 10-15 Push-ups. (Lift one leg for more resistance)

4) 10-15 Dips. (Lift one leg to make it more difficult)

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