Nutrition Consult/Coaching


Gray Star Health offers a variety of nutrition coaching options. Development of a personalized nutrition plan based on your health, genetics, lifestyle, goals and health concerns, will include nutrition recommendations as well as supportive supplementation to support proper function of various systems in the body.   Also included will be lifestyle recommendations such as healthy exercise and stress management techniques, and specific behavior strategies to facilitate your success. Ongoing support is available to keep you on track and motivated to follow through with your commitment to improving your health. 

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Functional Lab Testing – a la Carte


Functional lab tests can offer detailed insight into the various underlying systems of the body.  When you are investigating your health concerns, it’s important to “Test, Don’t Guess.”  Rather than chasing symptoms and guessing at what may or may not work, functional lab testing can uncover opportunities for healing.  The following are labs included in the Hormone RESET packages but can be ordered individually as well.

  • DUTCH Hormone Testing 
  • BIOME FX Stool Testing
  • MAXGEN Genetics Testing
  • MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

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What is Seed Cycling?

Imbalances in estrogen and progesterone can lead to irregular periods, PMS, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, moodiness, low libido and fertility issues.  Seed Cycling is a simple, natural and inexpensive way to use nutrition to support hormone balance

This guide will teach you how to use seed cycling, a simple nutrition strategy, to support hormone health.