Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Ask my clients!

Laini is my Go-To-Gal for everything hormone related.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2019, I reached out to Laini and asked her to help me better understand my hormones and what steps she’d recommend I’d take to stay healthy and cancer free. Laini had me do a Dutch Test right away, which showed that I don’t methylate well.  Laini suggested a simple supplement routine and minor changes to my diet and lifestyle.  I did another Dutch Test at the end of this summer and my methylation had completely shifted?!!!!  Methylwhat? you might be asking.  Methylation is one of the ways our bodies process hormones, but that’s as far as I’ll go – you’ll have to ask Laini for more information ’cause she’s the expert, a true helper and guide in all things health and well being. I recommend Laini without hesitation.

Sheryl Ott

Founder, Dare to Detour

Working with Laini was amazing and so beneficial to my health. She reviewed my Dutch test results and explained it to me in layman’s terms that made it way easier to understand. Additionally, we made a game plan together with supplements, nutrition and movement to get my hormones back on track that wasn’t overwhelming and drastic. I couldn’t recommend Laini enough when it comes to women’s hormones!

Haylee Folkvord

Director of Sales and Events, Owner, Sacajawea Hotel and RSVP Hotel Bozeman

I have dealt with an autoimmune disease, PCOS, and gallbladder issues for the past 10 years. Laini has helped me find ways to balance my hormones and take care of my body from the inside out. Thanks to Laini’s guidance I was able to overcome my PCOS side affects and get pregnant with my first child! No matter what your health challenges and goals are, Laini can help you.

Kristin Mullaney Barney

I came to Laini after I took the Dutch Test from another provider.  I did not know where else to turn and happen to fall upon her website.  I sent her a message, and she was so gracious to help guide me through the Dutch Test.  As nervous as I was for the phone call, I knew instantly I made the right decision.  She has a calming present and most importantly she knows her stuff.  She went above and beyond when it came to digging deep into what the test was saying.  I was not treated like a number, but she took her time to really get to know me and share from her heart too.  I will be forever thankful for Laini and her encouragement along the way.  I plan to always have her number and will continue to follow her for some great advice.  Thank you Laini for treating me as a person, something after years of health issues I was looking for.

Bobbi Rham

I was referred to Laini by a friend, after suffering from several health issues for over a year. I was having unexplained weight gain, extreme fatigue and moodiness.  I could not seem to lose any weight no matter what I was trying.  

My Dr. had run labs which came back “normal”.  But I didn’t feel well and knew this couldn’t be right.  I was excited when Laini recommended the DUTCH test for me. What I learned was above and beyond my regular lab work.

After visiting with Laini and getting the results from my Dutch test we realized my thyroid was completely tanked out. I am now on some supplements and feel so much better! Weight has gone down and I feel like myself again.

I highly recommend Laini if you are having any sort of health or hormonal issues. She is very thorough and so sweet. She was very uplifting and encouraging through this whole process.

Michelle Palagi

Laini is completely investing in helping her clients and seeing their success.  She’s able to relate to your issues and concerns and asks all the right questions to get to the root of what’s happening so you can find solutions. 

Working with Laini, I have learned how to use nutrition to feel my best.  I’ve learned to refocus and make time for myself and my well being.  Most importantly, I am now able to keep my colitis under control and have reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines.  

Megan Bleck

Having rode the hormone rollercoaster for many years now, Laini has been very helpful in navigating the ups and downs.  She particularly helped me change my eating habits to fuel my body rather than continue the feast/famine approach I was taking.  She has dealt with hormone issues herself which helps her understand my challenges.  Plus she is fun!  


 Joan Schafer